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CTR Conference Monday 9th July and Tuesday 10th July 2018

The CTR Annual Trophoblast (CAT) Meeting is aimed at scientists and academic clinicians with an interest in placental research.

The 2018 Meeting will take place on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th July 2018.



 Open presentations on placental research on the Monday afternoon.

The second day of the conference (Tuesday) will focus on:TROPHOBLAST INVASION AND THE PLACENTA ACCRETA SPECTRUM. Invited guest speakers will present the latest discoveries in this specific area of placental research.



CTR Conference 9th-10th July 2018


Monday 9th July 2018

Palmerston Room, St.  John’s College, Cambridge

1.15pm-1.45pm: Registration

1.50pm: Welcome by Professor Graham Burton, CTR Director

2pm-6pm: Open presentations

7pm: Reception at the backs

7.30pm: Conference dinner (Saint John’s College Dining Hall)


Tuesday 10th July 2018

Palmerston Room, St.  John’s College, Cambridge


Trophoblast invasion and the placenta accreta spectrum


8.30-9.00           Registration and coffee           Foyer, Fisher Building




Graham Burton, Director, Centre for Trophoblast Research



9.10-9.40           Prof Eric Jauniaux, UCL

                   Epidemiological insights into placenta accreta


Session 1:  Cell biology of invasion     


9.40- 10.10        Dr Benjamin Martin, Stony Brook University

                    Cell cycle regulation of invasion


10.10 -10.40     Dr Martin Aryee, Harvard Medical School

                      Comparison of the epigenetic landscape between the early placenta  and tumours


10.40-11.10      Coffee, Foyer, Fisher Building


11.10 -11.40     Dr Juergen Pollheimer, University of Vienna               

                  The trophoblast epithelial-mesenchymal transition


11.40 -12.10     Dr Roser Vento, Sanger Institute

                   Single cell transcriptomics of the EVT


12.10-12.40      Dr Yoel Sadovsky    University of Pittsburgh

Placenta ncRNA and regulation of invasion, differentiation and response to injury


12.40 -1.10        Dr Ljiljana Vicovac, University of Belgrade

                      Galectins, extracellular matrix and trophoblast invasion


1.10-2.10 Lunch, Buffet lunch in the college dining hall


Session 2:   Clinical aspects of accreta placentation


2.10-2.40           Dr Judith Bulmer, University of Newcastle

                   The local decidua and trophoblast invasion


2..40-3.10         Prof Eric Jauniaux, UCL                                         

                   Pathogenesis of placenta accreta spectrum


3.10 – 3.40        Dr Sally Collins, University of Oxford     

                   Imaging the accreta spectrum


3.10-3.40 Tea, Foyer, Fisher Building


3.40-4.10           Prof John Aplin, University of Manchester    

   Influence of diverse uterine tissue environments on trophoblast invasion


4.10-4.40           Dr Yassen Abbas, CTR

                   Assays of trophoblast invasion        


4.40 -510           Prof Ashley Moffett, CTR

                   Unanswered questions   


5.10 Closing remarks      Graham Burton