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Next CTR Conference Monday 8th July and Tuesday 9th July 2019






Registration is now closed (closing date was 4th June)



The CTR Annual Trophoblast (CAT) Meeting is aimed at scientists and academic clinicians with an interest in placental research.

The 2019 Meeting will take place on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th July 2019.

Monday afternoon is dedicated to open presentations on a wide range of topics relating to placental biology.

The second day of the conference, Tuesday, will focus on:  PLACENTAL METABOLISM AND ENDOCRINOLOGY

The conference will take place at Saint John's College Cambridge.

Registration is now closed (closing date 4th June).

Price for CTR members: free registration and £25 for the dinner on Monday payable as an option through the online registration process.

Price for non-CTR members: £75 registration and £30 for the dinner on Monday payable as an option through the online registration process.


CALL FOR PAPERS: Short presentation slots (ten minutes) are available on Monday 8th July (2pm-5.30pm). Please submit your presentation abstract (about 150  words) to the CTR administrator by email ( by 30 April 2019. We welcome presentations in any area of placental research.

CALL FOR POSTERS: Posters are welcome at the conference. Please submit your poster abstract (about 150 words) to the CTR administrator by email ( by 3o April 2019. We welcome posters in any area of placental research. Poster size: A1 (59.40cm by 84.10cm).



Monday 8th July 2019 (afternoon)


13.15 Registration opens

13.50 Welcome by Graham Burton, Director of CTR

14.00-17.30 Open presentations on placental biology

19.00 Reception at the backs, Saint John's College

19.30 Conference dinner in the college hall (booking essential)


Tuesday 9th July:

Placental metabolism and endocrinology


 8.30-9.00    Registration and coffee, Foyer of the Fisher Building

9.00-9.10      Welcome by  Graham Burton, Director of the Centre for 

                       Trophoblast Research


Session 1:  Placental metabolism     


 9.10-9.50        Professor Thomas Jansson, University of Colorado

                          Anschutz Medical Campus

                         Trophoblast mTOR signaling: a critical hub linking

                          maternal, placental and fetal metabolism

 9.50-10.20      Dr Tereza Cindrova-Davies, University of Cambridge

                         Insights into early placental metabolism from 

                         transcriptome analysis

10.20-11.00      Prof Anthony Perkins, Griffith University, Brisbane

                         Placental mitochondrial activity and trophoblast fusion


11.00-11.30     Coffee, Foyer of the Fisher Building


11.30 -12.00    Dr Marika Charalambous, King’s College London

                        Imprinted genes and placental metabolism

12.00-12.30    Dr Karen Forbes, University of Leeds

                        Extracellular vesicles and placental metabolism

 12.30-13.00     Dr Perry O’Tierney-Ginn, Tuft’s University Boston

                        Obesity and placental metabolism


13.00-14.00         Buffet lunch in the College dining hall


Session 2:    Metabolic changes in pathological pregnancies


14.00-14.30      Prof David Hill, Children’s Health Research Institute, 

                           London, Ontario        

                        Maternal pancreatic adaptations to pregnancy

 14.30-15.00     Dr Colleen Glyde Julian, University of 


                        Placental metabolism at high altitude

 15.00-15.30      Prof Alicia Jawerbaum, University of Buenos Aires

                          Dietary lipids and placental function in diabetes            



 15.30-16.00         Tea, Foyer of the Fisher Building


16.00-16.30      Dr Irving Aye, University of Cambridge

                        Pre-eclampsia and placental metabolism

 16.30-17.00       Dr Tatiana El-Bacha, Federal University of Rio de 


                         Dietary lipids and the placenta in pre-eclampsia

 17.00-17.30     Prof Dino Giussani, University of Cambridge            

                         Pre-eclampsia link to hypoxic pregnancy



17.30                 Closing remarks by Graham Burton