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Barbara Musial

Former member.

Field: metabolic profile of the placenta and specific maternal tissues during pregnancy.

Research Interests

The aim of my PhD was to assess the metabolic profile of the placenta and specific maternal tissues during mouse pregnancy, and determine the effect of an obesogenic high fat high and sugar diet on modulating this profile. I also studied the effect of exercise intervention before and during pregnancy on the metabolic profile of obese pregnant dams. I used a combination of in vivo metabolic methods (including the hyperinsulinaemic euglycemic clamp) and molecular and biochemical techniques to gain a comprehensive understanding of maternal-fetal metabolism during pregnancy.

Key Publications



Musial B, Vaughan OR, Ozanne SE, Fowden AL, Sferruzzi-Perri AN (2017) A diet high in sugar and fat causes glucose intolerance and fat deposition in the mother with consequences for feto-placental growth in mice, J Physiol.  In Press; ID: JP-RP-2016-273684


Fernandez-Twinn D, Gascoin G, Musial B, Carr S, Duque-Guimaraes D, Blackmore H, Zahra M Alfaradhi, Loche E, Ferland-McCollough D, Bushell M, Sferruzzi-Perri AN, Fowden AL, Ozanne SE (2017) Exercise rescues obese mothers' insulin sensitivity, placental function and her offsprings' insulin sensitivity, Scientific Reports, 7:44650


Musial B, Fernandez-Twinn, Vaughan OR, Ozanne SE, Voshol P, Sferruzzi-Perri AN, Fowden AL (2016) Proximity to delivery alters insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism in pregnant mice, Diabetes, Apr;65(4):851-60


Sferruzzi-Perri AN, Vaughan OR, Haro M, Cooper WN, Musial B, Charalambous M, Pestana D, Ayyar S, Ferguson-Smith AC, Burton GJ, Constancia M, Fowden AL (2013) An Obesogenic Diet Modifies nutrient partitioning and fetal Growth Trajectory, FASEB J, 27(10):3928-37