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Journal club schedule

All meetings take place at 4:00pm and usually run for about an hour.

CTR Journal Club Meeting Schedule (2018-19)


DatePresenterArticle Presented/To Be PresentedLocation*
24 Oct 2018 Lorenzo Orietti Li et al, 2018. Generation of bi-maternal and bi-paternal mice from hypomethylated haploid ESCs within imprinted region deletions. Cell Stem Cell 23(5): 665-676.4. HH
14 Nov 2018      *3pm start!* Wendi Bacon Wu et al, 2018. Zika virus infection in hypothalamus causes hormone deficiencies and leads to irreversible growth delay and memory impairment in mice. Cell Reports 25(6): P1537-1547.E4 HH
28 Nov 2018 Erin Slatery Nowotschin et al, 2018. Charting the emergent organotypic landscape of the mammalian gut endoderm at single-cell resolution. bioRxiv 471078 doi:10.1101/471078 HH



 Christmas break

23 Jan 2019 Nadia Capatina Kurowski et al., 2019. FGFR1 regulates trophectoderm development and facilitates blastocyst implantation. Developmental Biology 446(1): 94-101 Add
13 Feb 2019 Xiaohui Zhao Becht et al, 2019. Dimensionality reduction for visualizing single-cell data using UMAP. Nature Biotechnology 37, 38-22. HH
27 Feb 2019 Nick Burton

Bozler et al, 2019. Transgenerational inheritance of ethanol preference is caused by maternal NPF repression. bioRxiv preprint. doi:

13 Mar 2019 Simon Tunster HH
27 Mar 2019 Dylan Siriwardena Add

Easter Break

24 Apr 2019 Amanda Rodgers HH
8 May 2019 Irving Aye Add

* Meeting venues: HH = Hodgkin-Huxley Seminar Room, Physiology Building (Downing Site); Add = Seminar Room, Postdoc Centre, Biomedical Campus, Addenbrooke's Hospital.


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