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Centre for Trophoblast Research



Studies have previously shown that the lack of maternal MHC class I have caused lower NK responsiveness, impaired vascular remodelling, and higher rate of foetal growth restriction (FGR). We want to look at whether the introduction of microchimerism, through adoptive transfer of cells expressing MHC class I into  b2M-/-  dams, might educate maternal NK cells, thus ameliorating the NK cell responsiveness, vascular remodelling and decrease the rate of FGR. We aim to do this via intravenous injection of Rag2-/-Ilrg-/- bone marrow cells into  b2M-/-  mice. As a control we will use b2M-/-  mice which have been injected with PBS solution. Rag2-/-Ilrg-/- mice have MHC class I, however they are immunodeficient, and hence lack NK cells, which would otherwise confound our results. We theorise this michrochimerism of injected MHC class I cells will allow education of maternal NK cells in  b2M-/- mice.

Student Researcher, PDN
Not available for consultancy