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Centre for Trophoblast Research

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Trophoblast cells (image by permission of Dr Erica Watson)

The aim of the centre is to alleviate suffering from placental related complications of pregnancy. The consequences of defective placentation include mortality and severe morbidity, and associated health care costs both in the short and long term. The Centre supports the urgent and persuasive need for more research into the development and function of the placenta.

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Postgraduate Study

Each year, the Centre aims to fund up to two three-year PhD studentships for projects falling within its remit.

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Each year, the Centre aims to fund up to two Next Generation Fellowships, usually for three years.

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Lastest news from our researchers

Major breakthrough in developing human endometrial organoids by Margherita Turco, Lucy Gardner and colleagues. These cultures are a major step forward for investigations into the earliest stages of placental development and also endometrial cancer.

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News from Alumni and Career Development

Congratulations to Sarra Achouri (CTR New Generation Fellow) who is soon moving on to become full-time marketing director of a Cambridge bioscience company.

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