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Postgraduate Study

Each year, the Centre aims to fund up to two three-year PhD studentships for projects falling within its remit.

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Each year, the Centre aims to fund up to two Next Generation Fellowships, usually for three years.

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Job Opportunities

Cambridge College Fellowships and other relevant jobs in Cambridge and beyond.

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March 2015

Tereza Cindrova-Davies's paper (along with van Patot MT, Gardner L, Jauniaux E, Burton GJ, Charnock-Jones DS) Energy status and HIF signalling in chorionic villi show no evidence of hypoxic stress during human early placental development was published this month in Mol Hum Reprod. Read more >

January 2015

Ashley Moffett's paper A KIR B centromeric region present in Africans but not Europeans protects pregnant women from pre-eclampsia. was recently published in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences). Read more >

July 2014

Jens Kiechbusch won the “best presentation” award at the Riken Integrative Medical Sciences Summer Program 2014, Yokohama, Japan. Read more >

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