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Centre for Trophoblast Research



NGFs may need advice and guidance beyond their immediate research team and PI sponsor. Named mentors from the CTR are available to give NGFs independent advice about their working environment or future plans. The mentor is there to listen and, where appropriate, to direct them to other sources of help or information. 

You are expected to select a mentor for the CTR Mentorship Committee within the first 2 months of your NGF. You will hold 2-3 individual meetings with your mentor in your first year. Thereafter, meetings can be planned with your individual mentor as needed. Your individual mentor will treat matters in confidence, but may seek your consent to discuss matter if they feel it would provide important feedback to the CTR Board of Managers. In addition, all current NGFs and PhD students will be invited to meet informally with the CTR mentorship committee 1-2 times per year over tea, coffee, and snacks.

Helpful information

Additional useful information for new starters can be found in the following places:


Please of course also feel free to contact the CTR Executive Manager, Erin Slatery, or CTR Director, Kathy Niakan, for advice and support.