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Centre for Trophoblast Research


Professor Allen Enders has produced this unique series of presentations relating to implantation in a variety of species from his extensive collection of placental material. He has generously given permission for them to be made accessible for all to view. If you do use any of the images in your own presentations, it would be appropriate to acknowledge Professor Enders and this website as the source, so that others are able to locate them.

Download images of human implantation (powerpoint, 157MB)

Download images of armadillo implantation (powerpoint, 7.7MB)

Download images of baboon implantation (powerpoint, 25MB)

Download images of guinea pig implantation (powerpoint, 5.25MB)

Download images of macac implantation (powerpoint, 10.5MB)

Download images of marmoset implantation (powerpoint, 70MB)

Download images of mustelid implantation (powerpoint, 10.5MB)

Download images of rabbit implantation (powerpoint, 22.5MB)

Download images of rat implantation (powerpoint, 20.2MB)

Dowload images of equine development - blastocyst to endometrial cup (powerpoint, 95.6MB)

Download images of equine development - mature endometrial cup (powerpoint, 1KB)