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Centre for Trophoblast Research


About the SRI

This Strategic Research Initiative explores the urgent challenges posed
by reproduction today.

We facilitate close engagement between the arts, humanities and social
sciences, biology and medicine. By approaching reproduction collectively and
across disciplines, we offer fresh perspectives on broad issues which range
from global policies to those which affect individuals, families and

One of the primary goals of this SRI is to foster integration across
disciplines and strengthen ties between researchers at Cambridge.

Over the past decade Cambridge University has become home to an increasing
number of leading research centres and groupings in 'reproductive studies',
such as the Centre for Family Research, the Centre for Trophoblast Research
(CTR), the Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social
Structure (CAMPOP), and the Growth and Development Programme of the MRC
Epidemiology Unit, as well as newer groups such as the Wellcome-funded
Generation to Reproduction project and the Reproductive Sociology Research
Group (ReproSoc) based in Sociology.

On the clinical side, there is the on-going and highly successful Pregnancy
Outcome Prediction Study (POPS) being conducted in the Department of
Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and women's health is one of the three themes of
the Wellcome Trust-Cambridge Centre for Global Health Research.

The SRI acts as an "umbrella" for these groupings, integrating researchers in different departments and institutes at all levels in order to promote cross-fertilisation of ideas, and to develop new interdisciplinary research, teaching initiatives and policy developments.

Membership of the Cambridge Reproduction SRI is open to graduate students,
postdoctoral researchers and academic staff in the University of Cambridge
and its affiliated institutions who have an interest in any aspect of
reproduction. Members will be added to the directory on our website and also
to our mailing list, where they will receive information about events and
activities for SRI members. Click here for more information about the SRI, and to join our network.