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Centre for Trophoblast Research


The Project Supervisors and CTR Board of Managers will shortlist application for interview in early 2022. The CTR Administrator will contact the shortlisted applicants with instructions for the interview. Interviews will be conducted either in person or virtually in early 2022.


How to find a supervisor

We encourage all applicants to make initial informal inquiries to Project Supervisors regarding projects available and listed on our website here.

If you have any queries regarding the selection process, please refer to the procedure list below or email


Application procedure

Once you have identified a potential supervisor(s) and project(s) you should make a formal application as follows:

1.  Up to 4-page curriculum-vitae

2.  Transcript of your undergraduate results

3.  Evidence of competence in English (if required – you can check using our tool)

4.  Complete the Word document application form to include the following information:

  • List of 3 possible PhD supervisors ranked in order of preference.
  • Candidate statement. Up to 500 word personal statement outlining your motivation for pursuing PhD research at the CTR, choice of one or more PhD supervisors from the "Current Projects on offer" section
  • List of research experience including host organisation, supervisor/manager, country, dates, role, up to 200 word description of each research experience.
  • The names and contact details of two academic or research project references. Please make your referees aware that they will receive a message from  the CTR to submit a reference to support your PhD studentsship application.

Please note that CTR Studentship applications do not require the student to write a project proposal, those are currently listed on the PhD Projects pages here

Please email your completed application and supporting documents to by the 7th December 2021