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Centre for Trophoblast Research



2023 Placental Biology Course Speakers


Irving Aye           
Isolation of term trophoblast cells practical

Thorsten Boroviak
Cell lineage segregation
Mouse anatomy and Development practical

Graham Burton
Human placental structure and development
Trophoblast fusion, apoptosis and senescence

Steve Charnock Jones   
Trophoblast invasion and spiral artery remodelling
Placental Angiogenesis

Tereza Cindrova-Davies
Human placenta histology practical / Boyd Slides
Culture of placental explants practical

Miguel Constancia          
Mouse genetic models of placental function
Fellowship application workshop    

Sally Collins        
Volume and Vascularity: Can ultrasound unlock the secrets of the first trimester placenta?

Francesco Colucci
Immune genes and cells in pregnancy

Abby Fowden
Placental transport

Dino Giussani    
Developmental programming

Courtney Hanna

Nick Hopwood
History of Human Embryos

Naomi McGovern    
Congenital infection
Cell isolation and sorting practical

Ashley Moffett
Clinical and evolutionarily aspects of immunology of placentation

Andrew Murray
Placental metabolism
Respirometry practical

Kathy Niakan
Human trophectoderm initiation and genome editing

Claire Senner
Epigenetic mechanisms

Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri
Placental endocrinology
Fellowship application workshop             

Andrew Sharkey
Immune genes and cells in pregnancy
Cell isolation and sorting practical

Gordon Smith
Clinical study design

Margherita Turco
Stem cells and cell lines
Principles of cell isolation from the human placenta and decidua
Placental Organoids

Erica Watson
Mouse placental structure and development
Anatomy and development practical

Lucy van de Wiel
Data driven technologies in embryo selection in IVF

Laura Woods 
Bioinformatics workshop 

Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz
Stem cell-based embryo models