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Centre for Trophoblast Research




The Centre houses several collections of unique archival histological material, most notably the Boyd and Dixon collections of placenta-in-situ sections. The larger Boyd sections have been scanned and images are posted on a separate page (Image Collections). If you wish to come and view other slides, please contact the Centre Administrator to arrange a visit.

The Centre is pleased to host the presentations demonstrating the stages of implantation in various species prepared by Professor Allen Enders (see Image Collections). These annotated presentations provide detailed insights into the earliest stages of placental development, and are based on the unique specimens meticulously prepared by Allen and Sandy.

In addition, various podcasts are available for viewing. These cover the importance of placental research, how to collect samples from the human placenta, and the proceedings of an international meeting aimed at reviewing the theories of Sir Peter Medawar relating to the immunology of maternal-fetal interactions.




The Centre acts in part as a virtual centre to bring together researchers based in diverse departments within the University and Babraham Institute who share a common interest in placental biology.  It also has a physical base in the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience on the Downing Site where the administrative hub and core laboratory facilities are located.