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Centre for Trophoblast Research



Please contact for a CTR funded PhD studentship handbook. The handbook provides information on the expectations and support that come with holding a CTR-funded PhD studentship, including a timetable and list of key contacts.

The handbook includes some general tips and information regarding postgraduate study at the University, but please note this is not a comprehensive guide to the PhD: please refer to your Departmental handbook and the University of Cambridge website for further information about specific requirements for your degree, including required training, reporting and other available resources.



PhD students will have access to support from various sources: 

  • PhD Supervisor: Your supervisor is the key contact during your studies. Your supervisor will provide guidance and advice throughout the course of your project.
  • Advisor: Your deparment will generally provide you with an academic advisor, whose role is to provide you with additional backup support and advice when you need it. They may not work in a field close to your own but will be an experienced scientist able to discuss your project in an informed way. You will generally be expected to meet with your advisor at least once a term. If appropriate, they might be an assessor for your first-year assessment. They would be the first port of call if at any time you wish to discuss any aspect of your postgraduate studies with an academic other than your supervisor and would be involved in discussions should your relationship with your supervisor prove unsatisfactory in any way.
  • College Tutor: As a graduate member of a College, you will have access to a Tutor – a College Fellow – who is there to give you advice about any pastoral, academic, financial or emotional problems you may be experiencing. This individual may be a part of a team of Tutors. Get to know your Tutor, and introduce yourself. Then keep all relevant contact details to hand, and update him or her with your progress and any difficulties you might encounter.
  • CTR Mentorship committee: All current NGFs and PhD students will be invited to meet informally with the CTR mentorship committee 1-2 times per year over tea, coffee, and snacks. You are not required to meet individually with a CTR mentor, but the mentorship committee can provide additional support tailored to individual needs.
  • Other members of your host lab are an excellent informal resource for day-to-day advice and support in the lab.



Please of course also feel free to contact the CTR Executive Manager, Erin Slatery, or CTR Director, Kathy Niakan, for advice and support. Please notify one or both if an issue arises that may affect your attendance at CTR journal club, CTR seminars, CTR half day away, or the CTR Annual Meeting.