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Centre for Trophoblast Research


In 2023 we're planning to collate a database of key CTR and wider trophoblast NGS datasets.

We aim to make this available to trophoblast researchers to highlight existing datasets and identify gaps in knowledge. If you think your dataset belongs here please get in touch.


Key trophoblast and reproductive biology datasets:

  • Reproductive cell atlas interactive single-cell RNA-seq browser including data from:
    • Early development - Mole et al., Nature Communications, 2021
    • Reproductive development - Garcia-Alonsa and Lorenzi et al., Nature, 2022
    • Adult endometrium - Garcia-Alonso, Handfield, Roberts, Nikolakopoulou et al., Nature Genetics, 2021
    • Pregnant endometrium & placenta Vento-Tormo et al., Nature, 2018
  • Cambridge trophoblast atlas - a single-cell transcriptome map of human trophoblast development
  • Marmoset 3D