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Centre for Trophoblast Research


Accessibility at Churchill College 

Churchill College site is generally level and accessible, with ramps to most areas, including the main entrance. There is a lift located in the main concourse for access to the first floor, where the dining hall is located. There is also a lift in the Wolfson Foyer for easy access to the Wolfson Hall auditorium. The Wolfson Hall toilets are located on the ground floor. The nearest wheelchair accessible toilet is on the main concourse.

Wolfson Hall is equipped with a hearing loop. For best results guests are advised to use the outer seating house left and right. For online attendees the zoom will include an option to have subtitles. 

There are four dedicated disabled parking spaces available for the use of visitors and members of the College with disabilities. Additional parking spaces can also be reserved so please let us know in advance if you require a space by emailing 

Full floor plans and site access information are available for Churchill College are available here

Sustainability at Churchill College 


Please consider sustainability when making your travel plans. There is extensive bike parking available to the right of the main College entrance along Churchill road, and 15 electric car charging points available on-site.

There is also a bus stop at the end of Storey’s Way, which is well-served by the Universal bus that connects to the train station. Cambridge also offers several Park & Ride options around the city. 

For more about the Universal bus option
For more on train options
Find about Cambridge Park and Ride

Water refill:

Please consider bringing a re-usable water bottle to make use of water refill stations. 


To reduce food waste, please note that catering staff will put out food as it is needed and top up available food as it is eaten, rather than putting it all out at once. They will also clear away uneaten food swiftly after meals, as this means leftover food can be saved from the bin as it is safe to eat. None of the waste generated on site goes to landfill, as it is all recycled or used to generate power. 


Churchill College tracks the carbon footprints of the meals it serves using software to calculate the average carbon content per portion, and display this information to encourage diners to consider carbon in their food choices. More about Churchill College sustainability


The CTR commitments to Sustainability 

The CTR does not print programmes, and we encourage delegates to access the full programme in a digital format. 

Name badges issued at registration are reused and will be used again so please hand them in on your departure. 

The CTR Annual Meeting is hybrid, giving international attendees the option to join the conference online. 

Images courtesy of Churchill College