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June 2015

last modified Nov 11, 2015 04:51 PM
Lecturer in Reproductive Biology and former NGF, Erica Watson, was recently awarded a Lister Research Prize.

Lecturer in Reproductive Biology and former NGF, Erica Watson, was recently awarded a Lister Research Prize.  This award will allow the Watson group to continue to research the transgenerational effects of abnormal folate metabolism on fetal and placental development, which is work that began during her tenure as a Next Generation Fellow at the CTR. Using a mouse model, the Watson group aims to track epigenetic changes that are inherited from one generation to the next and to explore the physiological and molecular interaction between the maternal and fetal environments when folate metabolism occurs incorrectly. Ultimately, their goal is to tease apart the complex mechanism of disease inheritance caused by changes in the environment (e.g., poor nutrition).We warmly congratulate you, Erica!