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Ivan Bedzhov PhD

Research Associate

Research Interests

Research summary
All tissues of the body originate from a ball of pluripotent cells, located in the inner of cell mass of the late blastocyst. We found previously unknown morphogenic events polarization, apical constriction and lumenogenesis that reorganize the embryonic lineage during implantation. These morphogenic changes can be induced and studied in ES cells grown in 3D culture, when proper polarization cues are provided. Our findings are contrary to the long term believe that programed cell death transforms the epiblast from a simple ball of cells into cup shaped epithelium.


Funding: Wellcome trust

Key Publications

1) Bedzhov I, Zernicka-Goetz M. – Self-organizing properties of mouse pluripotent cells initiate morphogenesis upon implantation. Cell, 2014
2) Bedzhov I et al – Adhesion, but not a specific cadherin code, is indispensable for ES cell and induced pluripotency. Stem Cell Research, 2013
3) Bedzhov I, et al – Igf1r signaling is indispensable for preimplantation development and is activated via a novel function of E-cadherin. Plos Genetics 2012