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Martin Ivarsson

Research Associate

Research Interests

Research summary
I started as a postdoc in the laboratory of Professor Moffett October 1st 2014. My research will focus on uterine NK cells and how they regulate events in implantation. During my PhD and a short postdoc period I have been studying human NK cell development, regulation and function, at Karolinska Instiutet, Stockholm Sweden.


Funding: Funding from Moffett group

Key Publications

  1. Ivarsson et al. JCI 2013. “Differentiation and functional regulation of human fetal NK cells”
  2. Ivarsson et al. Front Immunology 2014. “Activating killer cell Ig-like receptors in health and disease”
  3. Fauriat, Ivarsson et al. Blood 2010. “Education of human natural killer cells by activating killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors”