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Centre for Trophoblast Research



Research summary
I am investigating the effect of hypoxia on uterine NK cells and reproductive success in mouse pregnancy. This is a 6-month pilot project under the supervision of Francesco Colucci, with a view to securing funding for a PhD starting in 2016/17.

Funding: NIHR and Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust


Key publications: 


  1. Moffet A & Shreeve N. Reply: First do no harm: continuing the uterine NK cell debate. Hum Reprod. 2015 {In Press}. Article DOI: DEV290
  2. Moffett A, Shreeve N. First do no harm: uterine natural killer (NK) cells in assisted reproduction. Hum Reprod. 2015 Jul;30(7):1519-25. doi: 10.1093 /humrep/dev098
  3. Shreeve N. Reply: Sleep efficiency in patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Hum Reprod. 2013 Nov;28(11):3165. doi: 10.1093/humrep/det328
Academic Clinical Fellow
Not available for consultancy