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Centre for Trophoblast Research



The ‘Smart Villages’ Initiative: The MCSC, CMEDT, the European Academies Science Advisory Council ( and the Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF) are undertaking a study of sustainable energy for villages ‘off-grid’ in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


Key publications: 
  1. Heap Brian (2014)  Preface Viewpoints Africa's future...can biosciences contribute?    Banson:Cambridge
  2. Heap, Brian Smart Villages: New Thinking for Off-Grid Communities Worldwide  Banson Cambridge/Smart Villages Initiative, 2015.
  3. Terry van Gevelt, John Holmes, Max Marcheselli, Tayyab Safdar, Michael Price, and Brian Heap.  Energy for off-grid villages: the Smart Villages Initiative. In: Academy of Czech Republic, 2016 (in press)
Chief Scientific Advisor, Cambridge Malaysian Education and Development Trust (CMEDT), Malaysian Commonwealth Studies Centre (MCSC)
Professor Sir  Brian  Heap

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