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Xander Anderson

Research Associate

Research Interests

Research summary
Folate is an essential vitamin for one-carbon metabolism and cellular methylation and a key enzyme involved in processing folate is mtrr(methionine synthase reductase).Our group has shown that in mice, disruption of the mtrr gene results in developmental abnormalities that persist by epigenetic mechanisms throughout multiple generations. Using the mtrr mouse model, I am currently researching the transcriptional regulation of mtrr as well as the effect of mtrr disruption on placental structure and spatial gene expression. 

Funding: Centre for Trophoblast Research

Key Publications


1) Padmanabhan N, Jia D, Geary-Joo C, Wu X, Ferguson-Smith AC, Fung E, Bieda M, Snyder FF, Gravel RA, Cross JC and Watson ED (2013) Mutation in folate metabolism causes epigenetic instability and transgenerational effects on development. Cell 155(1): 81-93.

2) Padmanabhan N and Watson ED (2013) Lessons from the one-carbon metabolism: passing it along to the next generation. Reproductive BioMedicine Online 27(6): 637-43.