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Centre for Trophoblast Research


Collaborate with us on your research project

We are experienced bioinformaticians with a background in placental biology and development, and as such can collaborate with you to design and exceute a bespoke bioinformatics analysis to interrogate your key research questions. We like to be involved as early in the planning process as possible, so feel free to get in touch to discuss writing bioinformatics analysis into grant applications, and experimental design.

If you already have a project proposal in mind, please complete and return our project submission form.


Get advice on data storage

CTR bioinformatics offers data storage through UIS Research Computing Services.

We maintain large hot (RDS) and cold (RCS) datastores, charged at UIS rates but with a much lower minumum purchase volume of 100GB. To purchase data storage with CTR bioinformatics please complete and return our project submission form.

For advice on how and where to store your data download the advice below from the University of Cambridge Data Champion network, or email us with your questions.

University of Cambridge data management guide


Send us raw data for quality assurance and alignment

We maintain a repository of standard NGS processing pipelines to assess data quality and produce standard outputs. We aim to standardise basic analysis pipelines across the CTR to enable collaboration and integration of CTR datasets.

Pipelines currently available include:

  • mRNA-seq - QC report and raw counts table
  • ChIP-seq (histone modification and transcription factor) - QC report and Macs2 peak files

We're striving to add new pipelines, so please get in touch even if your approach isn't listed here.