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Centre for Trophoblast Research


2024 Course schedule:

Day 1 9th September Pre- to peri-implantation development
Day 2 10th September Establishment of placentation
Day 3 11th September Placental pathology
Day 4 12th September Physiology and metabolism
Day 5 13th September Interactive sessions (pre-booked only)

Daily Q&A sessions will take place on each of the course days 9-13 September, from 16:30 - 18:30 hrs. UK BST. (These sessions will be recorded and available shortly afterwards).

A detailed course schedule will be circulated to registered participants two weeks before the course opens. 

Registration and key dates

Registration open

Bursary Application Form


Registration opens 13 May 2024
Bursary registration opens  13 May 2024 
Bursary registration closes  8 July 2024 
Abstract submission closes  8 July 2024 
Course registration closes 2 September 2024
Course content live date 14 August 2024 
Course dates 9-13 September 2024




“Today, I have in-depth understanding and practical knowledge of human placental development and the immunological interplay during normal and complicated pregnancies. In addition, the course structure prompted new ideas for my future research and I am hopeful this will open new avenues for collaborations”

Dr Dorotheah Obiri, Research Fellow, Dept. of Immunology, University of Ghana