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Journal club schedule

CTR Journal Club Meeting Schedule (2019-2020)


The CTR journal club sessions occur approximately every second Wednesday of the month (during term time) at 4:00pm and meetings usually run for an hour.


Upcoming meeting 

There are no upcoming meetings.


DatePresenterArticle Presented/To Be PresentedLocation*
13 Nov 2019 Claire Senner Buchrieser et al, 2019. IFITM proteins inhibit placental syncytiotrophoblast formation and promote fetal demise. Science 365: 176-80. HH
11 Dec 2019  Emma Siragher Sharma et al, 2019. mir-126 regulates glycogen trophoblast proliferation and DNA methylation in the murine placenta. Developmental Biology 449(1): 21-34. HH

15 Jan 2020

Dylan Siriwardena

Treissman et al, (2020). Low oxygen enhances trophoblast column growth by potentiating differentiation of the extravillous lineage and promoting LOX activity. Development .

12 Feb 2020 Cherlyn Tan Taniguichi et al, (2020). Epitranscriptomic profiling in human placenta: N6-methyladenosine modification at the 5'-untranslated region is related to fetal growth and preeclampsia. FASEB Journal 34: 494–512. HH
11 Mar 2020 Charlotte Handford Chi et al, 2020. Glucose metabolism distinguishes TE from ICM fate during mammalian embryogenesis. BioRxiv preprint HH


Vincente Perez-Garcia HH


Jyothi Jayaraman HH

* Meeting venue: HH = Hodgkin-Huxley Seminar Room, Physiology Building (Downing Site).


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